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Replacement Rockers & Rocker Instulation

Hard Yellow Pine Rockers

You now can choose Hard Yellow Pine Rockers for your Toddle Rock. When placing your Toddle Rock order you can choose the option of Hard Yellow Pine Rockers. We are offering Hard Yellow Pine Rockers in Walnut Stain, or Unfinished so you can match them to your decor. All Toddle Rock come with our Standard Rockers if you do not want to upgrade to our Hard Yellow Pine Rockers.

Hard Pine Walnut Stained Rockiers

Hard Yellow Pine Rockers Stained

Hard Yellow Pine Rockers Unfinished

Sample of Toddle Rock with Hard Yellow Pine Rockers Stained Walnut

Sample of Toddle Rock with Standard Rockers Stained Walnut

Ordering Rockers

Order your Hard Yellow Pine Rockers when placing your Toddle Rock order next to the fabric of your choice. Our Standard Rockers come on all Toddle Rocks. If you want to upgrade to Hard Yellow Pine Rockers you must pick that option when you are ordering. We also offer unfinished Hard Yellow Pine Rockers so you can stain them.

Our Standard Rockers that come with all Toddle Rocks are made of industrial partial board or you can upgrade to the Hard Yellow Pine Rockers. All the Toddle Rocks pictured are shown with Standard Rockers unless it states they have Hard Yellow Pine Rockers Stained Walnut. All of our Standard Rockers are stained Walnut. If you have questions please contact us.

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How To Install  Your Toddle Rock Rockers

Turn chair upside down and place rockers as shown in Fig 1. Place front of one rocker about 3/4 " from the edge of the front of the chair and in the center of the chair arm. With rockers lying on the chair put 1 screw in front hole-holding rocker in place. With a hammer tap screw head about 3/8" down to start the screw in the wood.

 For the best results use a Screw gun or Slow RPM Drill with a Phillips head or a square head. Do not tighten for it will strip the screw. The screw will make it's own hole so no pilot hole has to be drilled. Drill screw until it is flush with wood as shown. Click of Fig 1 and Fig 2 to see a larger view of how to install your rockers.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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