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Easy Boy Chair by Toddle Rock

The Easy Boy Fold Up Chair is made of Solid red oak framing and the finish is hand- rubbed oil finish that is soft to the touch but seals and protects like finish on hard wood floors. It features a durable sling seat that slants for easy in/out access but does not tip over. It is adorable for your patio or pool side.

Our Easy Boy Chair Rocks but it has no rockers. This unique feature allows your child to rock

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The Easy Boy folds up flat for easy storage and transportation. The hardware is close to the wood for a clean finished look.

Be sure to see the easy to care for fabrics available for the Easy Boy.


  1.  Made of solid red oak hardwood with a natural finish.
  2. Our special feature is that our Easy Boy Rocks but does not have rockers.
  3. Red Oak Framing - 3/4" x 1 1/4"
  4. The Sling is made with Sun n Shade and Twitchell durable outdoor Fabrics. These breathable fabrics withstand exposure to sunlight, resists mold, mildew, soil and stains.
  5. Matching Pillow attaches with Velcro

Dimensions and Specs

  1. Open Size: 26" H x 191/2" W x 22 D
  2. Folded Size: 30" H x 20" W x 5" D
  3. Weight Capacities: approx. 130 pounds
  4. Made in: USA
  5. Approximate Ages - 3yrs - 8 yrs.


Our joint connector bolts have a decorative flat and smooth head they do not protrude out to scrape or catch your hands. The cap nuts match the decorative head bolts. The only protruding hex nuts are on the 4 crossbars and they are on the bottom of the frame. See detailed photos.


Completely assembled and ready to use.


$169.95 - For a Limited time our Introductory Price is $129.95

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Some samples of the fabrics we offer.

Blooms Salmon Outdoor

Pool Side Fabric

Zig Zag Gray

Zazzle Preppy Pink

Zazzle Pacific


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