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Custom Order Form

Scroll down to find a form you can use to place a custom order.

Toddle Rock - Provide us with 2 yards x 54" {or 56") wide of upholstery fabric. Custom orders are $49.00 +shipping and handling. Add $3.50 for custom pillow. Add $5.00 for two custom pillows.

If you are sending vinyl or any type of faux leather please call 334-702-6761 before you sent it.  Most faux leathers are too thick.  We may not be able to use it on your custom order.

Toddleman - Provide us with 1/2 yards x 54" (or 56") wide of upholstery fabric. Custom Order Toddleman's are $29.95 + shipping and handling.

1 Custom Toddle Rock + 1 Toddleman + 2 Toddle Rock Puff Pillows - Provide us with 2 1/2 yards x 54" (or 56") wide of upholstery fabric.

Allow 7-10 Business days for your order to be made once your custom fabric is received. Send your fabric and the form below to Toddle Rock 93 Briar Hills Dr. Dothan, Al. 36301. We accept checks, MC, Visa or Discover. Make checks payable to: Toddle Rock

Information Needed with Fabric:

  1. Complete Shipping Address.
  2. Area Code +  Phone Number.
  3. Special Instructions about Fabric.
  4. Add $3.50 for custom pillow.
  5. Add $5.00 for two custom pillows

Be sure your fabric is durable and stain resistant. Remember your child will be using it all the time and they have a tendency to be messy at times.

Any other questions call 334-702-6761 or contact us by email.

Custom Order Form

To order a custom Toddle Rock Chair only, click on the "Purchase" below. 

If you would like your custom Toddle Rock Chair embroidered, fill out the three fields below.
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Choose A Font  

Choose Thread Color 

Type What Is To Be Embroidered

Standard Rockers, Hard Yellow Pine Rockers or Unfinished

If you would like to add a custom pillow or pillows to your order, fill out the appropriate fields below.

Choose how many pillows you want and if you want them embroidered.

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If you want the pillow or pillows embroidered, complete the appropriate fields below.  Otherwise click the "Purchase Button" below.

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 Choose Thread Color 

Type in the two fields below what you would like embroidered on the 1st and 2nd pillow.  If you only want one embroidered, leave the 2nd field blank.

1st Pillow (up to 9 spaces)
 2nd Pillow (up to 9 spaces) 

Special Instruction

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 93 Briar Hills Dr.    Dothan, Alabama   36301  Phone: (334) 702-6761

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